Drive Right with Jim Kenzie

 I'm Jim Kenzie

I am an automotive journalist.

No no, that does not mean I can write and drive at the same time.

Wouldn't be safe...

I write about cars. New cars. Old cars. Big cars. Small cars. Beautiful cars. Ugly cars. Good cars. Bad cars.

Even trucks and SUVs if I have to...

Buying cars. Maintaining cars. But mostly, driving cars.

For decades, I was the Chief Auto Reviewer for the Toronto Star Wheels section. Actually, before there even was a Wheels section. During my time there, Wheels was arguably the biggest and largest-circulation automobile publication in the world.

I also appear on "Kenzie's Korner" on TSN's Motoring, which is Canada's most-watched automotive television show. Having been on the air for over 30 years, it is also one of the longest-running in the world.

I have been an active, licensed, professional-grade racing driver for much of my adult life, and am a three-time winner of the Open Division in Targa Newfoundland, one of the word's most challenging open-road performance rallies.

I have a life-long interest in traffic safety, which actually predates my automotive journalism career.

If you share all or any of these interests, I would like to welcome you to Drive Right.


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